Model Design Gold Jesus Mens Pendant For Uni-sex Ball Chain For Men Wi...
£11.18 £8.87
Mens Plain Necklace Silver Chain 51cm Length Model Sc31720
£167.70 £57.50
Franki Baker Mens Heavy Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet 225cm88in...
£198.00 £188.00
9ct Yellow Gold Cross Pendant On Curb Chain 46cm from IBB
£129.00 £52.21
Konov Jewellery Stainless Steel Mens Necklace Link Chain, Colour Black...
£79.99 £19.99
Konov Jewellery Mechanic Style Stainless Steel Mens Necklace Link Chai...
£91.99 £22.99
Konov Jewellery Heavy Stainless Steel Mens Necklace Link Chain, Colour...
£143.99 £35.99
Miore Sapphire Necklace, 9ct White Gold, Created Sapphire Pendant, 45c...
£189.00 £95.84

Mens Chains - for men's gold and silver chains

If you are looking for mens chains, then you are at the right place,!

Did you know that the metal chain dates back to around 225BC, when it was used in wells to draw buckets of water to the surface? Since then they have become stylish jewellery items that are usually worn around the neck, but can also be worn as bracelets around the wrists, and anklets around the ankles. They are usually made of gold, silver, platinum and steel, and so are sturdy, keeping their shape and shine and, being water resistant, can be worn in the shower or whilst swimming.

The unique and sturdy link design of chains soon filtered into the world of fashion and were popularised as jewellery items worn by men and women alike, mostly worn on their own, but increasingly in pairs or more. Some popular styles of chains include the curb chain, the belcher chain, the snake chain, the herringbone chain and the Byzantine chain, and for women, stylish gold and silver chains can be worn with a gemstone pendant to add a sleek feminine touch. focuses, naturally, on chains worn by men, with pages dedicated to Gold Chains and separately to Silver Chains. You can browse through our selection without the inconvenience of visiting dozens of jewellery stores, as whether your fashion preferences are with the traditional look, or a more modern hip hop image you are sure to find something here. The hip hop fashion originated on the streets of New York, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia with the African-American youth, but the 1990's saw a major move of the hip hop fashion into the choice of the young, and not so young, anywhere in the world.

Have a good look around the site, and buy with confidence, as only quality, reputable retailers are featured on, so why not treat someone to a men's chain that will make them smile?!

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